Steve Perkins

Steve PerkinsApprenticed as a Lithographer in London, I have earned an excellent reputation within the printing industry over the past 29 years with my knowledge, technical skills, problem solving abilities and perseverance to get the job done. I have been working in New Zealand since 1988.

My belief is that the products we sell are to be the best available, socially and environmentally responsible, for the press operator, your customer and the general public that use the products you produce. I believe ink should be considered as a “Quality, not  commodity” product and I’m dedicated to supplying products that are the best available. 

Big savings and advantages are available for those that understand the true value of using a quality ink”.

I have had an association with T&K Toka for a number of years and have worked extensively with them to develop a number of unique products, now used by printers in New Zealand and across the globe.

Work has to be enjoyable for me, and I like to maintain a good and friendly working relationship with my customers. If you are looking for a supplier to build a trusting relationship with and one that will work diligently to fulfil your needs, then Thorsin Solutions has to be at the top of your list.

Below are some comments from people I have worked with, in my professional career to give you an understanding on how I can enhance your business.

“.....It is in my opinion, which I base on my 20 years in both printing and new installation work, that Steve Perkins is undoubtedly one of the best men in this field that I have had the pleasure to work with.”
Terry Cornelius, Production Director, Millennium Web Offset plc. UK

“…Steve has impressed not only me, but also my colleagues and our customers, with his advanced technical knowledge of the printing process, comprehension of printing presses and his willingness to succeed.”
Mike Kerwin, Business Manager Printing Products, Agfa Graphic systems. NZ

“…The rapid growth and success of the present company is due in part to Steve and the dedication he has to his work”
Dan Stevens, Plant Manager, PMP, Auckland. NZ

“….Steven has proven his ability to be hard working and reliable and I have always found him to be an enthusiastic member of our team.”
Earl Baskerville, Managing Director, Inprint, QLD, Australia.

“…His commitment, attitude and performance have always been excellent.”
Bruce Park, Factory Manager, St. Ives plc UK.

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