John Thorrat

John ThorratI bring many years of experience at the technical “coal face” of the printing industry, both with sheet-fed offset and self-adhesive labels. One of my personal goals is to ensure that we keep to our standards: honesty and integrity. If we follow what we believe in we should not go too far wrong. In fact my favourite saying is “We need to set our course by the stars not from the lights of passing ships”. That’s what we do at Thorsin.

I served an apprenticeship as a sheet-fed printer in Scotland before moving to New Zealand and working for (and in 1999 becoming an owner of) Panprint. I, along with a great team and my business partner Danny Blackam, was instrumental in growing the company from a small sheet-fed company to New Zealand’s most awarded printer in both label and sheet-fed sectors. In 2000, Panprint diversified to become one of this country’s top self-adhesive label printers, specialising in wine labels, while maintaining its reputation as a top tier sheet-fed operation. Blue Star Print Group bought Panprint in 2007.

We want our customers to view us as the people who solve problems for them. Our approach is to work with them and to remain approachable and available at all times.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family and friends, and travel now and then. I like working around home especially on renovation projects. I have been known to enjoy a glass or two of a nice red wine, and talk a bit of Blarney!

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